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Cancer Plans

No one plans on being diagnosed with cancer. Be prepared if it happens to you.

One out of every two men, and one out of every three women, will get cancer.* That’s a fact that should make you think. But instead of worrying, why not prepare?

Cancer Insurance Coverage Plans from HumanaOne

We are proud to offer Cash Cancer insurance policies. These plans pay cash to you or the person you name to help with unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses.

If you or a member of your family is diagnosed with a covered cancer, you’ll receive a cash payment to use however you wish. For instance, use cancer insurance coverage to help with:

  • An unexpected loss of income
  • Trial or experimental treatments
  • Travel to national cancer centers
  • Personal home care and household expenses

Plus, there’s an option to have your premiums refunded if no claims are filed.

Contact US to learn how cancer coverage insurance can protect you and your family.
These plans provide supplemental benefits, should not be used as a replacement for comprehensive medical coverage and do not meet Minimum Essential Coverage requirements.
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